Transcriptic Python Client Library (TxPy) documentation


$ pip install transcriptic


$ git clone
$ cd transcriptic
$ pip install .

to upgrade to the latest version using pip or check whether you’re already up to date:

$ pip install transcriptic --upgrade

Then, login to your Transcriptic account:

$ transcriptic login
Email: [email protected]
Logged in as [email protected] (example-lab)


In the command line interface (CLI), use transcriptic –help for a summary of arguments and their function.

Transcriptic library objects are developed with Jupyter notebooks in mind and are best utilized alongside that interface. Use transcriptic.object and transcriptic.analysis to load and analyze data respectively. API calls are located in the transcriptic.config module for more advanced connection needs.


Note that direct analysis and submission of Autoprotocol is currently restricted. Please contact if you would like to do so.

Further Documentation

See the Transcriptic Developer Documentation for detailed information about how to use this package, including learning about how to package protocols and build releases.


You can find our Github repository at Please read for more information.

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